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mockingjay (nov)
hobbit p3 (dec)
annie (dec)
big hero 6 (feb)
home (mar)
cinderella (mar)

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Go Go Tomago, Disney's Big Hero 6
Anonymous said:
different anon here, what do you not like about the morals and characters, specifically? just curious!! (i actually don't like the movie that much either tbh)

no problem, thanks for being polite!

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Anonymous said:

whOA soOoOrYy

but if ur actually interested to know why and not just for the sakes of shouting at me, i don’t like the art style, the morals, plot, characters, music, humour, or pretty much anything really. like i understand a lot of people like it but i’m not one of them and i leave these people alone so i’d appreciate if you did the same with people who don’t like it because it’s. a. movie.

Anonymous said:
Hi! I love your blog I've been following you for 2 months now and I love almost everything you post, but I've noticed you don't post a lot of Beauty and the Beast and it's my favourite. Is there any reason why? :)

thanks! but sorry to disappoint, but beauty and the beast is pretty much my least favourite movie like ever so that’s why it’s almost never on my blog unless it’s an all-princes post or really really pretty fan art. but yh sorry!! but i’m glad you like my blog~

gogo’s thighs tho (✿ ♥‿♥)

New Big Hero 6 footage


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First look at Riley Anderson from Pixar’s Inside Out (x)

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I know this sounds insane, but, well, the truth sounds insane sometimes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the…the truth. And the truth is, I have no talent at all. But this rat, he’s the one behind these recipes. He’s the cook. The real cook.

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